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Getting started with Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Forms Mark’s Blog

Such mobile applications can include hybrid apps or apps which are a mix of native and HTML5 based. Testers had to test the applications not only on different versions of the OS, but also on different physical devices. The Xamarin device farms are a part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center. You can upload your application and tests on the Xamarin Cloud using Visual Studio. This will automatically install the application on the environment and prepare your test runs.

Test Cloud Server Application runs as a separate application with permission to cooperate with the actual application for tests. The decision about which framework you should use is up to you—both of them will test the proper behavior of the application. Currently there are still some details missing xamarin test cloud from being available for the extraction. If you would like the team to add this or other features please feel free to rate it up or tell them here. If you take the default UI testing project from Visual Studio you might want to check if you have the latest version for Xamarin Test Cloud.

Product development

I have followed steps as, in appdelegate file of ios project, I have added
Xamarin.Calabash.Start(), and also added package Xamarin.testcloud.agent in ios project. The service is ideal for developers of cross-platform solutions (Xamarin, React Native), and projects with a wide user audience (high coverage of the models). When the device fleet rose in earlier times, Nokia started an initiative to make the lives of testers somewhat easier. They would allow them to run their applications on rented devices in a remote-controlled mode. However, we could not scale it to the extent of mobile variations that we have now. The Xamarin UI controls allow you to build platform-specific applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

  • Xamarin’s framework also reportedly takes requests, so if a device isn’t on the list, the company may add it if asked.
  • The success of Xamarin websites and apps relies on multiple teams that work in close collaboration to deliver desired outcomes.
  • Xamarin’s frameworks offers a fast, effective, intuitive solution.
  • Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.
  • It is a Cloud-based platform that lets you manage all of your testing activities from one location.

Doing so ensures that your product requirements are shipped within stipulated timelines, allowing you to get timely customer feedback. As LambdaTest supports running tests on cloud-based infrastructure, you do not have to spend additional time or money configuring your test environment. The same codebase can be used for both platforms without remembering the syntax related to different languages every time.

Visual Regression Cloud

Since this post focuses on writing UI tests the app is rather simple but will show the basic steps required to write maintainable UI tests. The app under test is a basic app with an input field, a button and a button that displays the entry of the input field. The app is based on the MVVM pattern (using MVVM Light) and is based on Xamarin.Forms.

xamarin test cloud ios

Currently, there is no simpler or more convenient option–especially for developers who use C#. It helps testers get out of the hassles of multi-device UI/UX testing, saves a lot of time, and cuts labor costs. If you are a single developer looking to test your app on a few devices, you can try out a free solution like Firebase Test Lab, Samsung Remote Test Lab, etc. Testsigma offers a 21-day free trial where you can try automating your tests 10x faster.


Presenting PraxisMX – meticulously crafted for those who value aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. Designed for digital agencies who operate in the dynamic realms of web and graphic design, this template promises a transformative online presence. This Figma template offers everything you need to design a functional and visually stunning app that stands out from the rest. But if you are looking for a completely hassle-free and automated solution, you should definitely give a test-automation platform like Testsigma a shot. Once done, you can create a test suite and run them on different mobile device configurations. It offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model at $0.17 per device minute.

As a further development, now the OS itself could provide tools that would allow testers to simulate user actions on applications. Consequently, they can write scripts that can be executed on mobile phones running in developer modes. Nowadays, many organizations face a tough challenge in building their applications and mobile apps for multiple platforms, especially Android and iOS. Developers and QA teams face the major challenge of building an in-house test infrastructure to cover all browsers, devices, and OS, which is a cumbersome and expensive approach.

Xamarin UI Test iOS Simulator Connection refused

Besides the actions with iOS project you need to add PCL project and install Nunit and Xamarin.UITest packages into it. I’m a professional software developer and a freelance technical content writer specializing in the fields of programming, testing, and DevOps. I have a keen interest in blogging and social media marketing and have collaborated with some big giants in the edtech space. It is free for up to 30 minutes of test runs on physical devices and 60 minutes on virtual devices in a day. Anything past this will cost $5 (physical devices) and $1 (virtual devices) per hour. In this article, let’s discuss a mix of free and professional device farms and test labs.

It has three pricing plans which vary based on the number of parallel tests you choose. For one parallel test, the live testing plan would cost you $39 a month. A virtual cloud plan would require you to pay $149/month, and for a real device cloud plan, they charge $199/month. The Xamarin.UITest is an automated testing framework which allows developers to write acceptance (e2e) tests written in NUnit.

NuGet packages (

Now you know what are the frameworks, how to use the REPL console, and how to write tests and deploy them to Test Cloud. Here you have to know that NUnit NuGet package version 2.6.4 is required—all of the above are not yet ready. Once you have your application ready for tests, you can submit it to the Test Cloud via Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.

xamarin test cloud ios

In this article, the focus will be on the Xamarin platform, which helps designers and developers build native iOS, Android and Windows applications. We are going review how to check your app and find defects by using the Xamarin.UI tests before releasing the app to real customers. On the test cloud, the app is installed, and tests are executed on different supported physical devices.

Digital Experience Testing

IApp is an interface to communicate with the currently tested application. I’ll show how to use it with NUnit framework and write tests that can be deployed on Xamarin Test Cloud. Such a scenario is possible because Test Cloud signs both apps with the same key.

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