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The Much Easier Way To Build A Desk in a Closet
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How to Create a Cloffice for the Ultimate Work-from-Home Setup

The wood will immediately start to oxidize and will continue to deepen in color for a few hours. Before staining, wipe the desk with a barely damp cloth to clean off the sawdust and open the wood up to get it ready to receive the stain. If you put the pocket holes on the top of your frame, they will be hidden by the desk top. Since this was a clothing closet, there were already a couple shelves.

If you don’t find studs to which you can fasten the side cleats, use hollow-wall anchors. After the close has been painted and the electrical wiring has been installed it is now time to reinstall the desk. This time glue and screw all joints for the final time. Be careful not to damage paint on walls when reinstalling the desk pieces. Simply cut and install a triangle of wood to fit and add a slide-out underneath for your keyboard. Smaller shelves wall-mounted above the desk can house baskets for supplies.

Step 7 – Install the Top of Your Closet Desk

The anchors should line up with the holes you already made in the 1 x 2. The first step is to measure the length and depth of your closet so you know what size to cut your top piece and support pieces. This is also a good time to decide how much wall space you might need between any floating shelves. Now that you’ve found the perfect place for your closet office and you know how you want to use the space, here are some DIY closet desk ideas for inspiration.

putting desk in closet

I also moved them closer together and now they are the perfect place to store my paper crafting supplies. I am making a cute little desk organizer to hold the things I need immediate access to, and the rest are stored with all the other craft stuff in my room. It may seem impossible to makeover an entire room for only $100, but it it totally doable with just a little creativity. Which is why this desk in a closet was the perfect solution. Investigators, spurred on by Ms. Maddux’s family, continued the search for Mr. Einhorn. In 1997 they found him in a farmhouse in southwest France.

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You could then slide the chair in, close the doors (which you would have left on) and have a Hide-away Office. Use dato grooves in the vertical shelf support to hold horizontal shelves. This closet is approximately 2 feet deep by 8 feet wide. Plus, all their school work (that I STILL need to sort and deal with) and a storage cube full of junky-mcjunk and hockey cards. Or you can purchase the base and add your own top to match your decor. You might consider something that coordinates with your kitchen counters, a live-edge wood slab, or a butcher block top.

  • The first step is to measure the length and depth of your closet so you know what size to cut your top piece and support pieces.
  • Start by securing 2×2 boards (cut to the desired desk depth minus 3/4″) on the sides of the closet.
  • Now you can make a pilot hole in your 1×2 where the stud is and drill a hole to get the screw started.
  • So, I wanted to share the alternative solution I came up with, which I think requires slightly less engineering expertise, and relies more heavily on existing IKEA pieces.

I put a cord grommet in the center of the desk and one outlet grommet in each of the back corners. I wanted enough height between the desk and the first shelf for my computer monitor, and enough room above the upper shelf to fit the boxes I previously had in the closet. Converting a closet allows you to gain space without taking over a room or remodeling.

Chic and Colorful

Even if it consists of mundane all-white shelving, you can bring a DIY closet to life by involving minor design details. The pops of color peeking through your clothes, shoes, and accessories will add a fun, customized element to the space. Cut a board or piece of countertop to fit the space of a bay window converting closet to office and install it, shelf-style, as a desktop. A bay window desk provides plenty of natural light, gives you the work surface you crave, and it’s tucked out of the way. You can use plywood for desktops as long as you use the smoother edge, sand it, and either stain it or apply a faux stain as I mention above.

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What Little Things in Your Home Are Just For You?.

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This desk was my most expensive splurge (at a whopping $40). I decided to paint the inside of my closet with the blue paint left-over from my dining room. Secure with a couple finishing nails around the edge/back. If you put your holes next to the level line, they will be hidden by the final desk. Okay, I start by knocking on the wall to figure out approximately where a stud is, then confirming it with a nail until I locate the stud.

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