How to Create a Cloffice for the Ultimate Work-from-Home Setup
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The Much Easier Way To Build A Desk in a Closet

Also, like this other poster, I wanted to be able to have a second monitor. Since this desk is part of my $100 Room Challenge makeover, I have to keep the budget as low as possible. Immediately, finish by brushing on a coat of a vinegar stain solution. Trim along this line with your saw and dry fit again. This especially helps if you put a lot of weight on your desk (like a computer or printer).

Once you have the marks made, drill screw holes along each mark and in the center of the 1×2. Drill a wide enough hole for the screws to fit through easily. Mark your desk height in several dashes along all three walls and then use a straight edge to draw a straight line on all three walls.

Step 8: Close Up the Wall

In the picture below you can see where we filled the screw holes along the front face of the countertop – this was before they were fully dry and I sanded them smooth. If your home’s second-story or remodeled attic has dormers, take advantage of the space they offer! A dormer is perfect for a desk, and the window’s natural light makes it ideal for crafting, artwork, and other hobbies. The easiest and most cost-effective option is to use pine and use a faux finish on the desk.

For illumination, install under-cabinet lights on the shelf above. By using wooden braces attached to the wall, you have a much more laterally stable desktop than you do with using metal brackets. I recommend drilling into the studs, using drywall anchors, or a combination of both. The closet office (or „cloffice,” as it’s commonly called), can take a couple of forms. In some cases, individuals have chosen to repurpose unused closets in their homes and turn them into mini workspaces. In other instances, we see walk-in closets that serve as multipurpose spaces in which to display clothing and accessories and incorporate a desk setup.

Space-Saving and Functional

Virtually any unused closet can be used to create your private office nook. From a small reach-in closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle. All you need is a work surface, a comfortable place to sit, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Once you’ve equipped your cloffice with the basics, incorporate added function and your personal style with a few extras. Remote work has become the new normal for many, and home offices are now in high demand.

putting desk in closet

Not only will closed storage allow you to hide visual clutter, having a mix of open and closed storage also gives the illusion of a higher-end custom closet. Create light boxes and install on the roof of the closet. I used some flourescent lights and build these boxes around them. Cut the bottom of the desk to accept a keyboard tray.

Closet Offices You’d Be Happy to Work From

Sheet of Plywood – I got a sheet of plywood with a finished edge for my desk front. If you want the thicker look of a butcher block countertop, another option is to use a nail gun or brad nailer to attach a 1 x 2” endcap. With this configuration, you can either fold the monitor all the way back against the wall to the side of the closet.

Most new hollow-core doors have a cardboard web inside to support the outer panels. With a sharp chisel and a pull saw, you can quickly cut and push that out of the way. If you’re repurposing converting closet to office older doors, you may encounter a thin wood filler that takes more time to clear. If your walk-in closet has windows, consider how much life houseplants can bring to an office.

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