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What Is a UX Designer? How to Become One, Salary, Skills

At the same time, you’ll need to find ways to communicate and collaborate effectively with key stakeholders, despite not being in the same room. Before you invest good time and money into a career change, you want to be sure that your future job prospects are solid. With continuing global challenges, like the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on so many aspects of life—including work—it’s important to gauge the state of your prospective industry. They consider each and every element that shapes the user experience—whether it’s for a digital product like an app or website, or for a physical product that you can hold in your hand, like a smartphone.

  • Before zooming in on specific methods, familiarize yourself with the UX design process as a whole.
  • If you think you have what it takes to design products that create a meaningful user experience, read on.
  • There are several career paths available for those looking for what might come next.

At this stage, you want to get a broad overview of all the steps you’ll go through to design (or redesign) a successful user experience. This is just a sampling of the career options available to those who’ve specialized in graphic design. Even if you have no intention of becoming a full-time graphic designer, keep in mind that knowing at least some graphic design principles can prove useful, especially if you’re involved in product creation. Whether it’s a physical product or a virtual one, product designers come up with an idea, work with other teams to bring that to life, and balance the needs of the business with the end user. Product designers spend a fair amount of time collaborating with other teams.

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According to this Forrester report, remote work is up 300% compared to the “pre-pandemic” era. When it comes to applying for jobs in UX, be prepared to find (and consider) an increasing number of remote opportunities. We take a closer look at working remotely as a UX designer in this post. To start, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that UX design will continue to grow in demand for the next 8 years. We’ll show you exactly how in section six, where you’ll find our step-by-step guide.

how to become a ux designer

The practice of UX design encompasses many different aspects, including information architecture, visual design, usability, interaction design, and sometimes user interface design. You’ll learn how to create a digital user experience that is ready to be handed off for development. You’ll start by building familiarity and fluency with design research fundamentals to identify the user and the solutions they need. You’ll then synthesize your research, and use design sprints to take an idea from concept to low-fidelity prototype.

Become a UX Designer in 6 Steps

If you think you have what it takes to design products that create a meaningful user experience, read on. We’ll look at several popular UX design roles, identify the skills required to excel, and finally go over the education options available. Boot camps are traditionally three- to six-month courses which focus on learning practical skills in a project-oriented environment. In a UX design boot camp, participants learn skills required for real-world UX employment, and practice those skills through team-based projects that will later populate their professional portfolios. While more expensive than self study, boot camps are significantly less expensive than traditional degrees and can be completed in much less time. Traditional degrees certainly provide a well-rounded education and enable students to explore additional topics of interest beyond their core focus.

Many of these skills transfer from other fields, so even if you’re new to UX design, you’ve likely developed a few already. Focus on these essential skills, and you can begin to build a strong foundation for a career. An online portfolio or samples of your interaction and visual design work is expected. Getting into UX design without prior experience is possible with the right approach. Start by acquiring knowledge and understanding of UX design principles through online resources, tutorials, and books. To become a UX designer, having a certified qualification in UX design, interaction design, graphic design, or a related field is useful.

Gain a Baseline Understanding of What UX Is

Learning UX design is a lucrative way to apply innate creativity with design thinking and technology. It is during the design phase that the first version of the user experience is created. This is where everything comes together, from wireframing and prototyping, to creating the design specifications making sure all UX team members are working toward a consistent look and feel. The user interface (UI) work is also completed, and UX design tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision, among others, are employed. In the first phase, UX designers brainstorm to determine the context, definition, and specific elements of the UX they plan to build. Key elements of this phase include value proposition definition, requirements gathering, and an early sketch of the desired user experience.

Blending this knowledge with a flexible mindset and other soft skills will allow UX designers to become key contributors in guiding research-backed products to market. Whatever your skill set, it’s critically important to have a portfolio that puts your skills in the best possible light. If you’ve what is ui ux meaning been working in a graphic design discipline for a long time, you can likely use the best examples from your previous jobs. If you’re just starting out, you can use examples from school and personal projects to show that you have what it takes when it comes to everything design-related.

how to become a ux designer

However, actually going through that process requires a few more tools. But if you keep reading, watching, listening, and learning, you’ll start to see the outline of a UX career take shape. Even if you’re coming into this monumental career shift with little-to-no knowledge, there’s a well-worn path you can follow. You’re unlikely to find a ‘UX Design’ program at your local college (or anywhere, really). Instead, you’re more likely to see degrees in software development, computer science, human-computer interaction (HCI), web design and development, or information technology. Over the past few years, there have been fewer UI design roles on the market as UX designers are expected to also take care of the interface design.

how to become a ux designer

Given the challenges of inflation, an uncertain global economy, and the continued disruption and challenges of a post-COVID world, you might be wondering whether now is a good time to move into a new career. These programs are offered through Northwestern University School of Professional Studies in collaboration with edX. Information architecture (IA) involves the organization and structure of data and content for websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. Check job boards and reach out to your network to see what rates your target market typically pays. Once you’ve defined the problem, you’ll move on to the ideation phase.

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